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10/40 WINDOW: A Call to Awake

Only Very Very Few Christians have heard of the 10/40 window known as the “Home of the unreached world”. A place where poverty and diseases is like water and where Christianity is a no-go area.  Yes! it isn’t bad to be informed of the latest ride/sport in town but we shouldn’t also be inattentive to… Read More »

Syrian Believers returning home

As noted by Open doors..  After years of being displaced, some Christians have returned home, but they were not prepared for what awaited them. Due to the war in Syria, brave believers like Miriam* and her family were displaced for several years. Although they call Syria home, they were forced to leave the country and live… Read More »

If only we can get another Fanny Crosby

“If perfect earthly sight were offered me tomorrow I would not accept it” were her words but her hymns has lasted centuries in the Church! She became permanently blind when she was six weeks old, lost her father six months old, given birth to by parents who were both cousins, yet was one of the most… Read More »