Prof Charles Adeyinka Adisa, President of Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship has released a statement regarding the Federal Ministry of Education 9 year basic education curriculum on “Religion and National Values”

On this He stated some issues wrong with the curriculum:

1. On pages 17 and 46 of the “Religion and National Values”  curriculum for Primary one to three (Primary 1-3) are statements that are not only inciting but derogatory to a particular religious belief and faith ( Christianity). 


a) On page 17 under Theme Islamic studies and Sub theme Sarah and Tahdib

Primary 1 to 3 pupils in their formative years are taught the Supremacy of Prophet Mohammed and the Quran over all others. 

That Mohammed was the seal of all the Prophets, sent to the whole world and Quran the final guidance of Allah to mankind. 

b) In page 46 of the same book produced with tax payers money who include Muslims and non Muslims 

That Prophet Isa known to Christians as Jesus Christ is not the son of God 

That Jesus was not crucified. 

What a blasphemy. 

The implications are the creation of a sense of supremacy of Islam over other faiths and completely denigrating Christianity. 

If this has been restricted to Muslims alone, that could have been excused, but putting it in a curriculum for all is provocative and insulting. 

The Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship took this matter up with the current executive director of NERDC and his team in Abuja and I was  was a member of the NCGF team. 

His response 

1. The two subjects are to be taught separately. A Muslim will take Islamic study and a Christian pupil CRK. 


Theoretically, this is true, but in actual practice, this is not the truth. 

We gave examples of several states in the North where the state governments refused to employ CRK teachers including Niger state where CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) even offered to send volunteer CRK teachers and the government still refused. 

As the subject is compulsory for the students, the Christian students in those states are forced to listen to such negative teachings at such a tender, highly impressible age. 


Parents of such Christian students should take the government to court. 

We replied that it was ridiculous as it is the duty of the state to ensure fundamental rights of the citizens which include freedom of association and religion. 

We also informed him of the slow process of the Nigerian judicial matters. 

Our recommendations 

1. The offending statements should be expunged from the curriculum. 

2. If the state governments can not provide adequate teachers for the 2 subjects, then the 2 subjects should not be compulsory at all. 

In the mean while House of Assembly has adopted the motion to ask the ministry of education not to merge the subjects.

“The house; notes that under the previous secondary school curriculum which brought a lot of discontentment, civic education was not a compulsory subject and religious education was taught as Islamic religious knowledge and Christian religious knowledge, both of which were optional subjects,” 

“Also notes that the federal ministry of education introduced a revised curriculum without due consultation with parents and stakeholders and the new nine-year basic education curriculum on religious and national values consolidated religious education and civic education under national values and made civic education a compulsory subject for senior secondary certificate examinations.

An awareness for direction is needed in the church.

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