This talks of Apostle Johnson Suleiman- What’s new?

By | March 20, 2017

Karina a Canadian-based lady named Stephanie Otobo started this, where she claim to have been having an affair with Apostle Johnson Suleiman of Omega Fire ministries. After some weeks, another lady named Stephanie Ogbonna came up with new accusations through Instagram, accusing the Man of God of having a threesome with her.

Recently Apostle Suleiman has reacted to the ongoing scandal after His wife has responded to the falsity of the statements. He said: “Even some unbelievers know that this is a set up. The church will always win. For the burial and resurrection of Christ Friday was painful, Saturday was painful but Sunday. Am not going to say anything until Sunday.
It is for my promotion I will confess today. Two things I fear in my life and I hold them so much. I live for them. One is my marriage, two my reputation. Am very careful what I do, where I go because of these things. And these things they came after. There is nothing else.”

The Christian association of Nigeria has also been brought into this to investigate the matter. CAN said “If CAN comes out to say the man is being persecuted because he is a Christian, people might say that we are defending what is not defendable, and that the matter is immoral. Also, we don’t have an investigative department that deals with that in CAN. But if he is with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, then the body can investigate the matter. CAN is an umbrella body for denominational blocs and not for individual Christians per se.”

True or Untrue, I see this as a platform to pray for the Church of God again and see that the earth be filled with the knowledge of God’s Glory. It’s not enough to know, there is need to PRAY!

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