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“You’ve put congregations under supervision, removed priests, decapitated the Maltese and Franciscan orders and ignored cardinals… But where is your compassion?”
As have been reported by CNN,posters of a stern-looking Pope Francis appeared on walls around Rome on Saturday, condemning his actions against some conservative Catholics and asking, “Where is your mercy?”

This is the complaints of a group who refused to identify herself,
On the day the posters appeared the Pope finalized a months-long battle with the Knights of Malta by appointing a Special Delegate from the Vatican and giving him “all necessary powers” to help renew the traditional Catholic Order.
The Knights of Malta have a unique “sovereign” standing within the Catholic Church, similar to that of a separate country, and they had contested the legality of the Pope’s intervention into their order.

Conservative criticism of Pope Francis has intensified since November, when he refused to answer an official letter sent to him by four cardinals. The letter criticized his move to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to receive communion.
That issue has divided many in the Catholic Church and has left bishops around the world arguing about the Pope’s intentions and how to implement the directive.

The Vatican declined to comment on the posters.
When asked about conservative criticism of him in a November 2016 interview with Italian bishops’ newspaper Avvenire, the Pope replied, “I don’t lose any sleep over it.”

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