Pope Francis : I also experience dark moments in my Faith

By | January 16, 2017

Pope Francis in His words recently has said “At certain times, I have also encountered moments of darkness in my faith and that faith decreased a lot, but with a little bit of time we rediscover it,”

“Some days we can’t see faith, everything is in darkness.

“Yesterday, for example, I christened 13 children in areas devastated by earthquakes and there was a father who had lost his wife, and we ask ourselves if this man can have faith.

“We understand that there is darkness, we must respect this darkness of the soul. We don’t study to get faith, we receive it like a gift.”

This is a point every Christian needs to put at heart that we are still humans and in stages of our life there will be the tendency to feel as if God doesn’t exist. This anyway does not disprove the Truth that God still exist.

What you do when you don’t see any reason to Believe is to Believe.

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