Bishop Oyedepo’s words not to DIVIDE Nigeria

By | January 14, 2017

As regards to the present news that has gone viral on media on Bishop Oyedepo Prayers against Islamic Jihadist, many people has seen it to imply inciting violence between Christians and Muslims in the country.

It has been reported according to a statement issued by the Chairman, Editorial and Media Board of the Living Faith Church, Dr. Sheriff Folarin, He has described the reports as fake.

Regarding Bishop Oyedepo statement that “God has anointed me to lead a revolution against the Islamic jihadists,” He noted that;

“This was before the present administration took office,”

“The message bears no relevance to today’s happenings; not even developments of 2016.

“The reporter(s), either being completely unprofessional, lazy or simply wicked, made the 2015 message look like a 2017 church service message.

“The trending video is NOT a 2016 or 2017 video.

“To this end, we can unequivocally and authoritatively say that this quote, the report and other similar reports do not fit the context of the Kaduna crisis or any developments whatsoever in the last one year.

“The reports are, therefore, fake, unbelievably and maliciously fabricated and outright lies. They are tweaked, baseless and fraudulent.

“Bishop Oyedepo has not said, either in private or public, anything related to the Southern Kaduna killings; not now, not hitherto.

“If there has been anything done, it has been prayer for peace and unity of Nigeria.

“The intent of the original author(s) or fabricators is best known to them.”

On this note, it should therefore be well known that Bishop David Oyedepo is in the best interest of the country and His statements should not be treated as a form to incite violence, as He said;

“There are too many problems at hand, which require divine intervention. He will not add to the throes and utter such divisive words.”

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