Shocking!! A Father sacrifice His Son for Love

By | December 25, 2016

What on earth will we call this? Is this truly Love or Madness? In the history of the world there have never been heard anything like this. Are you hearing what my ears is hearing?

Today it was reported of a Father who for love send His only Son on exile and on a suicide mission. Prior to this, there have been a report that the person He has fallen in Love with and is Love-Dying for, has caused Him a lot of damage; destroying his properties and tarnishing His image anywhere and everywhere. Many of a time, He has approach this his lover through many of His friends in order for them to reconcile but this person has insulted these friends and even wounded some for coming to her.

As we heard from the man, he said through divination, he understands that the only way to gain back the love of this His lover is by sending His Only son on a suicide mission to her lover, knowing fully well that this son will die. The Father agreed with divinity and send this son on the mission (of which the son did not refute) all for the sake of Love. Today marks over 2000 years that this son has been sent on this mission and we are celebrating Him.

Wow! What a wonderful story to tell. God the Father sent Jesus the Son on a suicide mission for me and you His Lover to reconcile us back to Him. If you had been the only one on earth, Jesus would still have come. This is true Love and I know you won’t refuse or reject this great Love. Jesus came to this world, He died for humanity, He rose in glory from the dead and He brought acceptance between you and God, if only you will believe. Why not decide for Him now to spend your love and life for Him. He worths it!

Jesus is the reason for the season
Merry Christmas!!!

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