Chinese Church disobeys Government’s order

By Temitope James

Not quite long a prominent Christian church leader in China has been imprisoned for his faith and forbidden to contact his family amid an ongoing crackdown on believers in the Communist country.
ChinaAid , an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to religious freedom violations and support persecuted Christians in China, reports that in July, the Zhecheng County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau issued a notice to Proclaiming Christ Church ordering it to stop its religious activities and remove all religious signs by July 20.The church however met without government approval as they refused to bow to the government’s wishes, with hundreds signing an appeal stating their intention to continue meeting – and maintain all religious signage.
“We are still gathering,” Fang Guojian, a church attendee, told ChinaAid. “We wrote a petition. After [the officials] saw it, they were afraid. In the letter, we wrote that we would go to Beijing; go to Beijing and appeal. Now, they are afraid, and they do not dare to provoke us.”
Fang added that the church plans to continue to defy the authorities’ orders, and if officials harass congregants, representatives of the church will travel to Beijing to legally defend their rights.
If only Christians from every country will stand to defend the faith, then will the world know that the kingdom of God is here.
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