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Pope Francis: is he the Antichrist?

By Promise Korede:

I know the Bible teaches us not to be unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for there is no fellowship between light and darkness.
There is an annual event established by John Paul II 30 years ago called world day of Prayer and held in the medieval town in central Italy, with the aim of combating the persecution of peoples for their faiths and extremism dressed up as religion.
On Tuesday, The Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi II, and other leaders of different religious traditions met with Pope Francis at the Saint Francis Basilica in Assisi, Italy for the annual World Day of Prayer.
It is a meeting with people who don’t believe in Christ (Antichrists), so the question is – who do they pray to? Definitely not to God the Father through Christ.
The Bible says the Antichrist will tend to unite the world, which Pope Francis is trying to do.
If he is not the Antichrist then who is he? Let’s be careful and ensure, we follow men as we see them following Christ. How can anyone then prove that Pope Francis is following Christ?


  1. Anonymous

    Good grief, the Pope is doing what he is supposed to do promote, peace, kindness to all people. Remember the story of the Good Samaritan? Also, the book of Revelation is a complex mystical book, very hard to interpret. How can one justly interpret that working for greater peace and unity is a sign of the antichrist? How are the “fruits of the Spirit” to be taken now as being antichrist?

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