The Pastor who uses a bag worth #1million

Have you heard of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo? He is the pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). His life has caught social media attention for sometime now especially his affair with Ese Walter.
Now! What is he up to this time again? This Pastor Biodun, who is known to display his wealth as a proof of his blessings by God is being criticized now for using a Gucci Web Animalia GG Supreme Tote Bag reportedly worth over a million naira,being posted by him on his IG handle.Nigerians have noticed the trendy Gucci bag beside the pastor on the passenger seat , which is valued at $2,490.
In his response to the critics hear him:
“People naturally challenge things that go against the norm. Don’t let them stop you. Eventually all the people talking down on you eventually start copying you.
Don’t let ‘status quo’ limit you. Most of the things that are generally accepted everywhere, were once rejected when they were first invented. Take new territories! Tread where angels dread! Go to terrains you’ve never been, do something new!
#TakingNewTerritories #DoingNewThings #PB #PastorBiodun #BiodunFatoyinbo”
This men of God sha… Nawa ooo!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Some will say, it doesn’t matter. How do you explain the teaching of Jesus to care for the poor?

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