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Miracles this day is becoming a proof of achieving pastors. They are all for entertainment even when the miracles does not bring men closer to God. Another funny one has happened.
By The Southern Daily South Africa:
A charismatic prosperity gospel preacher named Prophet Fernando, commonly known as Prophett Ralidzivha posses spiritual power to turn water into blood his followers have said.
According to reports recieved, at a recent service, the man of cloth asked his congregants to put water inside a steel dish and then write prayer requests on papers.
After putting the pieces of paper in the dish, the prophet reportedly prayed for the ‘prayer requests’ which then turned into blood instantly.
A report recieved by this publication claimed that people experience different kinds of shocking “miracles, signs and wonders in his church”
No video evidence could be found to confirm if the ‘miracle’ happened indeed, or if it is / was just one of those staged miracles.
It is truly end times and we will continue to see different funny entertainment they call miracles. God help us be on our guard.

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