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God’s power is still real and very real to as many that is not slothful in carrying this gospel to the end of the world.

In a crusade by Christ for all nations CFAN yesterday in Tanzania a witch doctor surrendered to Jesus and was delivered. Evangelist Daniel Kolenda says:

“This morning a witch doctor brought his ancestral idols to be burned. The local pastors prayed for him and he began to manifest demons. They cast the demons out of him and he has become a child of God! That was the way the day started. Before I preached in the service tonight, more idols were burned. Before my sermon was finished, even more had been brought! From morning until evening, the power of God has been moving here in Mwanza, Tanzania in a remarkable way.
This morning, after Peter Vandenberg finished preaching in the Fire Conference, I was not even able to bring a message. The people were so hungry, it was like trying to hold back a bursting dam. I put the microphone down and the power of God began to flow, filling and baptizing many people in a wonderful way!
Tonight, after I preached the Gospel and thousands responded, another mighty outpouring of the Spirit followed. When the Holy Spirit falls, not only do people speak in other tongues, but every kind of miracle is possible.”

You can see the full gist here:

The day of God’s power is here again. Let’s all guard ourselves and see that THY KINGDOM COME JESUS.

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