By | April 8, 2016

It is pathetic to see the Church loosing her saltiness. The madness of Church preachers is another thing worth nothing. How long will we continue this way! The Church is sleeping and it looks like the gate of hell is advancing and progressing. Oh thou Church, who is to be a Light to the world how long will you sleep? Arise! Sleeping Giant. Arise! It is time to receive these Lands for our king.

In the days of Our Fathers, things are not as it is now. In the days of the apostles, Christianity is the Life and Power of God. What went wrong? The church has become a place of ‘kokonjabele’. I am Deeper, I a where everyone is entitled to his own opinion outside of the Bible. This really saddens my heart

Sin is no more a question, fashion has become the true test of your Christainity, Money is the definition of the Church now. Our Church today.

We need to go back to the ancient landmark as we have received it and trace our steps back to Him. It is high time we forsake the errors of the evil one and embrace Christ, doing the first deeds of Holiness and Demonstration of God’s power.

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